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About us

The brand „DUX“ appeared in the Czech market with diving aquipment at the begining of the year 2006.


In last few years the technical diving became more comercial and the amand for the technical diving acquipment increased. Due to this situation many world well known manufacturers increased the production, however, to the prejudice of the quality!


This fact was one of the main reasons for floatation of the brand „DUX“.


The charter-members‘ main target is to use their wide experience in DIR diving and produce diving kits made in high quality from good materials. We wish to produce such a good quality that you can rely on any time. At the same time we try to sell goods for a good price as well as a good accomplishment. We guarantee that the good prices are not to the prejudice of the quality. Satisfied customers and a good quality of goods are on the top of our marketing list. Our products are tested in all climatic conditions by the main cave and shipwreck divers. DUX products are marked by the CE certificate.